About Our WordPress Maintenance

The FixUpFox Origin Story

Founded in 2015, FixUpFox is a queer, latine owned website maintenance service built with business owners in mind. The service starts with proactive protection, and ends with the specific needs of each client.

I began FixUpFox as an outgrowth of client work. I had previously been building sites for clients, finishing one and moving on to the next. I found that inevitably past clients would return because they had small additions or changes that they’d like to make, or after some sort of disaster they had lost their sites.

It was clear that as a site is an ongoing concern, so too should the support and maintenance of the site be an ongoing process. All websites have need of security protection, backups, and little fixes over time.

The Founder

david wolfpaw has been working with WordPress since 2008 and had been professionally developing websites for years prior to that. In their experience, many clients can be saved with regular backups and basic security monitoring. Beyond that, they have experience turning around quick fixes to solve their clients’ needs.

WordPress Community Involvement

david has been part of the local WordPress Orlando Meetup since its founding in 2011. They helped to organize WordCamp Orlando since then as well. While in-person events have paused since 2020, they have kept involved in other ways. david has written WordPress plugins and themes for clients and donated for public use. They have also contributed small bits of code to WordPress core, and tried their best to share a love for open source software and the power of community in general.

FixUpFox WordPress Services

We offer a variety of ongoing maintenance packages, as well as white label support for agencies, one-time support, and hosting recommendations.

WordPress Maintenance Services

FixUpFox offers personal support for most of the problems that you could have on your website. We also handle your backups, security, optimization, updates and more. We’re your personal web IT department at a fraction of the cost. Our complete care ensures you’ll never have to worry about site maintenance again.

Unlimited Small Fixes

With FixUpFox you get as many small site fixes as you need per month included. Need a fix? We’re here to help.

Secure Site Backups

Your site content is important. We’ll make a daily off-site backup to ensure you’ve always got it stored away.

Security Monitoring

Every WordPress site is under threat from attackers. We’ll keep track of your site 24/7 to stop hackers at the door.

Site Updates

One of the best way to keep your sites secure is to apply WordPress core and plugin updates right away. We do it daily.


After a while every site can start to slow down. We’ll look for the causes and help keep them under control to speed your site.

Spam Protection

If you have comments or forms enabled on your site, you’ll have to deal with some spam. We’ll block and clean it before you see it.

Uptime Monitoring

There’s always a chance that your server will go down, even for a few minutes. We monitor and make changes as needed ASAP.

Staging Environments

If we need to make a large change we can make a copy of your site to work on so your visitors don’t notice a difference.

Migration Assistance

Do you need to change web hosts? We can help you through the process of moving your site from one host to another.

Ready to Partner with Us?

Let’s discuss a customized partnership that empowers your agency and delights your clients. Contact us for a personalized consultation and learn more about our tailored plans for marketing agencies.

With FixUpFox, you’re not just outsourcing IT tasks; you’re elevating your agency’s WordPress capabilities.