Your website needs to be fast to keep users on the page. Poor page performance can be the difference between landing the deal and losing the sale.

There are a number of factors that can affect website page load speed. There’s no silver bullet to immediately speed up a website, and plenty of hands-on support is needed to ensure that your website loads quickly.

How Does FixUpFox Speed Up Sites?

FixUpFox offers personal support for most of the problems that you could have on your website. We also handle your backups, security, optimization, updates and more. We’re your personal web IT department at a fraction of the cost. Our complete care ensures you’ll never have to worry about site maintenance again.

Page Caching

We use WP Rocket on your site to provide a variety of optimizations and improvements at no additional charge. Get a better Core Web Vitals right out of the box.

Image Optimization

Images are usually the largest part of a page. We use Imagify to automatically optimize all existing and new images, then lazy load them for performance metrics.

File Minification

We optimize, minify, and concatenate CSS, JavaScript, and HTML on your site to make the pages load faster. The smaller the size of your pages, the better they’ll load.

Database Optimization

We clean and optimize your WordPress database regularly to improve page loading performance. Old comments, draft posts, site transients, and more unneeded database slow down your site.

CDN Management

If you already use a content delivery network (CDN), or if you want us to set Cloudflare up for you, we can manage it for your site. A CDN will make your site more robust and distributed for speed.

Manual Optimization

All of the other optimizations that we do are great, but there’s no substitute for a hands-on, human-oriented approach to optimizing your site for speed. We want to help you succeed and a fast site is important!