White Label WordPress Support Service

If you maintain multiple websites, you know how time consuming it can be.

There are things that are important for SEO, security, and peace of mind that are hard to remember to do.

With FixUpFox, you get detailed data, schedules for each site, and personalised reports for each client. This helps maintain a positive relationship with your clients, leading to lower attrition and additional income.

We provide a white label service to agencies with multiple clients who want to avoid the stress of creating a custom, in-house solution. The same tasks that we handle on a one-to-one basis with clients can be covered, as well as more customized plans that can go above and beyond for your specific needs. We already offer discount pricing to agencies with multiple clients, now let us offer them to your clients under your branding.

The services that we can help with include:

  • Proactive support, including regular backups and security scanning.
  • Ongoing fixes, such as content modification and general site customization.
  • Performance Optimization, to improve the speed and reduce load on client sites.
  • Metrics and Analytics, which you can present to clients to demonstrate growth and engagement.

If you’re looking for us to handle something above and beyond, or aren’t sure if it’s covered, contact us to discuss options.

Benefits of white-labeling

You already know where your company excels, and we want to handle the ongoing tasks that allow your clients to succeed. Working with FixUpFox means receiving timely and quality support for your site, and for your clients’ sites.

You’ll keep your own branding, along with a seamless experience for your clients. We’ll set it up so that your client support tickets come straight to us, and you get notified when they are completed.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to add new services and specialties to your business without worrying about research time, development setbacks or staffing resources. Save time, money and aggravation.

Your clients get a quick and easy product or service without having to wait, therefore simplifying your path to conversion and helping solidify their continued business moving forward.

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